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Message from the Founder, Philomine Veena

Entrepreneur & Life Coach

I have founded various companies and dealt in various businesses and enterprises. I bring in my knowledge of the real world and people to unpack real problems that people face in their lives

I am a single mother, survivor of Domestic violence, Sexual Trauma and Narcissistic abuse . This allows me to gain a deeper understanding of Trauma and Blocks that deter my clients to move forward with their lives . This precisely led me to learn more about Trauma and Recovery . My Journey of understanding myself ,honoring my own feelings and realizing the need to heal was an epiphany of sorts that pushed me in this direction.


My training includes Various Techniques such as

  • Hypnotherapy - RTT® Practitioner
  • Life Coaching
  • Root Cause Healing
  • Silva Method
  • NLP
  • DBT, positive psychology, executive psychology, energy psychology,
  • Somatic release and Breath Work
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Mindfulness

My holistic approach caters to

  • performance anxiety and depression
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • phobias
  • trauma recovery
  • relationship trauma recovery
  • low confidence & low self-esteem
  • weight reduction and eating disorders
  • mind and body connection, Autoimmune Disorders & chronic health concerns
  • PCOD and Fertility issues
  • chemotherapy assistance and pain Management

I craft a blueprint for each client's life by asking essential questions and arriving at the simplest, most impactful solutions. Therapy does not have to involve several sessions, and I confidently tell my clients that they can overcome their overwhelming issues in 5 to 6 sessions along with 2 to 3 transformation sessions that make a world of difference. It's all about finding their true voice, honing into their intuition and giving themselves the love, praise and compassion they truly deserve. The transformation is organic, natural, and progressive.

The subconscious mind is indeed a powerful tool that can help us achieve our goals and transform our lives. But it takes effort, dedication, and guidance to harness its full potential and create lasting change. Your subconscious mind holds the power to solve all your problems, no matter who you are or what you're going through. It controls 95% of your life, influencing every experience and decision you make based on the sub-conscious beliefs it has picked up throughout your life, starting from the womb. I can help you unlock the potential of your subconscious mind by identifying and rewiring any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. It is indeed true that the subconscious mind plays a significant role in shaping our lives.The subconscious mind operates based on the beliefs and experiences that we accumulate throughout our lives. These beliefs and experiences can either help us or hold us back from achieving our goals and living the life we desire.


The skills and Techniques utilised in uncovering the root cause of issues and rewiring neural pathways with new, positive beliefs helping to achieve desired outcomes. However, it's important to note that changing the subconscious mind and its beliefs is not always easy. It takes time, effort, and dedication to reprogram the subconscious mind with new and empowering beliefs that align with our goals and desires.

But with Pave the New way’s Approach to Healing and Moving Forward , its almost EFFORTLESS , I assure a safe space for free expression , and sharing your deepest profound stories .

My commitment to delivering outstanding therapeutic results is unmatched, my unconventional approach uncover the root cause of any issue and to rewire neural pathways with new, empowering beliefs by providing more autonomy along with coaching and hand holding .My determination to provide life-changing experiences for every client has enabled me to work with various issues and with various age groups .

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